The Pedagogical Delay

For hundreds of years, the education system imposed by the West has failed African societies both in Africa and among those spread globally, leaving them disadvantaged (Bangura, 2011). The educational content and methods from the West have largely been ineffective for the development of Africans (Bangura, 2005). Additionally, this flawed educational system has supported the continuation of Western dominance, thus casting Africans in roles that uphold a system of European and Euro-American superiority and male dominance.

What is an Ubuntugogist?

An ubuntugogist is the exact opposite of a pedagogist. The term “pedagogy” originally referred to a slave who escorted boys to school and supervised them, typically serving as a teacher or trainer. A pedagogist guides students in the spiritlessness of rules and order. On the other hand, an ubuntugogist guides students in the spirit of ubuntu.

Anitra Butler-Ngugi

The Ubuntugogist

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